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This shit's getting really old, really fast... I think it's about time to grow up.

The past few weeks have been CRAZY!
Last night sucked. I got locked out, so I spent two hours stacking chairs on top of the AC vent, trying to get on my roof. Didn't work. So I curled up in a ball behind the AC vent and tried to get some sleep.

Last week was insane. I took a little five day adventure. Finally got back on Tuesday. I got fed up with probation, so I was like FUCK IT. I needed a little break.
I chilled in Round Rock for a few nights... just jumping from couch to couch, living off fast food. I kind of like being homeless. I had NOTHING but the clothes I was wearing. Not even shoes. Those clothes were starting to feel pretty gross after five days.
Saturday night, Justin, Josh and I spontaniously decided to take a trip to the coast. We didn't really bring anything but a tent, Justin's 80 dollar pay check, and a fat sack of weed... it got kind of cold without blankets. I slept the whole five hours to Port Aransas, which by the way is the coolest island EVER. We met some random beach kids after like five minutes of being on the island, and chilled with them for a little bit. When it got dark we pitched a tent on the beach and enjoyed the scenery. The cops there are tight as fuck... they rolled by and just waved at us while we were smoking a blunt on the beach. It's no where NEAR that chilled out in Austin.

Jason and Izzy broke up... but it's still akward between us. I doubt I'd get back with him anyways though. I'm kind of enjoying the single life.
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