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Summer's been very busy. I haven't had time to update.

Justin's a straight up asshole, and he's as dramatic as a freaking girl. But he called me yesterday after not talking to me for two weeks, and I get all giddy when he calls. I can't help it. I'm infatuated with the boy.
I love summer flings. This year's full of them. I guess I should feel kind of bad, because all these guys think I actually give a shit about them. I have like four guys right now willing to wait for me while I'm away at boot camp, and honestly I could care less. Which is horrible, I know, but I just go through guys for fun. It never MEANS anything.
Justin though... he's different. Maybe because he's so fucking good at playing hard to get. But he's quite the manwhore, and maybe I am to him what all these boys are to me. Maybe he's just fucking with my head for the fun of it.

Aaron's all the way in San Antonio. I miss that kid.
I had a little accident at his house a few weeks ago. Fucked up my face.
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Very attractive.

I got accused of stealing a car last week. I was on a date, and we were getting out of the movies, and Nathan TOUCHED a car. There was a cop watching from the roof with binoculars, and I guess touching a car is reason enough to get fucking squat cars to follow us all the way down 620. We get pulled over, and I have a horrible cop phobia, so I was freaking out. I look back and there's not one cop car, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE. There's ten cops staring at us, guns drawn, dogs ready. They're yelling at us to put our hands where they can see them. "Driver, take the keys our of the ignition, and slowly place them on the hood. Step out of the vehicle, turn around, and slowly walk towards the sound of my voice" Alex gets out, gets on his knees, they tackle him down, elbow him in the head, and cuff him. One by one we get thrown in the back of cop cars and interrogated for two hours. They finally let everyone go at one in the morning... except for me. I went off on the pigs about how my rights had been violated, and how they're whole exsistance was worthless, and they should have better things to do then harrass poor kids. They didn't like that too much, so they had my mom come pick me up.

I failed two piss tests the other day. I've been toking up all summer, because I stopped giving a fuck. Now I have to go to those stupid drug classes longer. I was JUST about to graduate too. My PO doesn't know yet, and I'm FUCKED when I go to court. There's no getting around boot camp now. Maybe even worse. But I don't even care anymore. Boot camp? Fucking bring it. At least I'll be in shape when I get back.

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